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Get Involved with Your Younger Selves

CALE knows how important our alumni network is for students and postdocs. You've been through the experience and want to help the next cohort through. We provide pathways for you to do just that. CALE administers more than a half dozen student-alumni engagement programs from taking a group to dinner to one-on-one mentoring. We'd love to help you find a way to get involved!


CALE Flash Mentoring

The CALE Flash Mentorship Program at Caltech connects alumni with students for 30-minute virtual sessions on career-related topics. Started in 2020, the program follows a functional mentoring model, where mentors offer advice in their specific areas of expertise. Alumni have diverse backgrounds, including fields like Computer Science, Finance, Medicine, and Entrepreneurship, and range from entry-level to C-suite executives.

CMS-EE-Finance Mentoring Days

CMS-EE-Fin Mentoring Days is our longest running program, kicked off in 2016 as a partnership between the CMS department and a dedicated group of alumni. Several times a year this group descends on Caltech's campus for a two-day mentoring marathon. An individual event typically sees over a hundred student-alumni touches.

One woman writes code on a whiteboard. Three other people are gathered around.
Credit: Caltech x Chris Flynn

Other Opportunities as an Employer