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Advanced Career Fair Registration Double Booth Single Booth Single Booth
Employer - Led Workshop / Information Session Yes Yes Yes
Recruiting Strategy Consultation 1/Term 1/Year 1/Year
Company Branding (On-Campus) Yes Yes Yes
Features in Weekly Newsletter 4 Events / 12 Job Postings 2 Events / 5 Job Postings 2 Events or Job Postings
Use of Campus Interview Rooms 8 Full Days / Year 4 Full Days / Year 1 Full Day / Year
Social Media Engagement Yes Yes Yes
Resume Books (Field. Year of Study) 2/Year 1/Year
Lunch / Dinner for 8 2/Year 1/Year
Custom Events 1/Year

Partnerships with CAEL and the Academic Divisions

The Caltech Departments of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Electrical Engineering along with CAEL house a CMS-EE Partners Program which provides opportunities for startups and companies to meaningfully engage with students, connect with research, and support educational and outreach efforts. To learn more about becoming a CMS-EE Partner, click here -https://cms-ee-partners.caltech.edu. You can also reach out to career@caltech.edu.

The Caltech Bioscience Industrial Partners Program (CBIPP) engages students and postdocs showing interest in life sciences career opportunities through activities and events with companies across industries. A collaboration among CAEL and the divisions of Biology & Biological Engineering (BBE), Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (CCE), and Engineering & Applied Science (EAS), this partnership program also supports and strengthens connections between industry and the Caltech bioscience research community. To learn more about becoming a CBIPP partner, go to- https://cbipp.caltech.edu/.

You can also email us at career@caltech.edu to schedule time with our employer relations team.