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Career Fairs are the best opportunity to make connections with recruiters who make hiring decisions. Many firms have summer internships that are a first step to employment in the firm. This is a unique opportunity for you to speak with recruiters face to face and ask questions about their companies and the positions they have available. Come impress the recruiters with your intelligence, experience, and inquisitiveness!

Caltech undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars (including JPL postdocs), and alumni are invited to participate, juniors and seniors, are especially encouraged to attend!

Fall 2021 Career Fair

We are once again teaming up with Harvey Mudd College (HMC) for our fall career fairs, and splitting the events by industry. This partnership with HMC will benefit both campuses by having a wider variety of employers recruiting at the fair.

Please note that the first event will happen BEFORE school starts. The career fairs will be held virtually on Brazen.

  • September 9, 2021: Software Engineering, Data Science, and Finance
  • October 7, 2021: STEM

Registration Info

You can find the registration link for the upcoming STEM Career fair through our weekly CAEL Newsletter (emailed to all students and postdocs), or through your Next Steps Caltech account. Alums that don't have a Next Steps Caltech account may sign up for one here, or email to request the registration link for the career fair.

Organizations attending the STEM Career Fair on October 7, 2021:

Employer Employer Industry Website Internet & Software
Accenture Management Consulting
Aethercomm, Inc. Manufacturing
Amazon Internet & Software
Applied Intuition Internet & Software
Arete Defense
Axonics Modulation Technologies Medical Devices
City National Bank Commercial Banking & Credit
Clever Internet & Software
Coin Cloud Financial Services
CoStar Group Real Estate
Cubist Systematic Strategies Investment / Portfolio Management
DoorDash Internet & Software
Ensign-Bickford Industries, Inc. Manufacturing
Ericsson Internet & Software
Esri Internet & Software
FormFactor, Inc. Electronic & Computer Hardware
Foursquare Internet & Software
Gilead Sciences Biotech & Life Sciences
Gotion, Inc. Automotive
Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company Construction
Health at Scale Corporation Internet & Software
Heavy Iron Studios, Inc. Internet & Software
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Electronic & Computer Hardware
Higher Ground LLC Telecommunications
Homebase Real Estate
HRL Laboratories, LLC Research
Illumina Biotech & Life Sciences
Institute for Defense Analyses Defense
JASR Systems Research
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Research
Katalyst Space Technologies Aerospace
Keck Graduate Institute Higher Education
KLA Corporation Manufacturing
Liferay, Inc. Internet & Software
Link4 Corporation Environmental Services
Maxar Technologies Aerospace
MemVerge, Inc Internet & Software
Meso Scale Diagnostics Biotech & Life Sciences
Metron Defense
Miso Robotics Internet & Software
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Research
Molecular Instruments, Inc. Biotech & Life Sciences
Motional Automotive
Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC Pacific) Defense
Neocis Medical Devices
One Capital Management, LLC Investment / Portfolio Management
Palantir Technologies Internet & Software
Project N Internet & Software
Proofpoint Internet & Software
Putnam Associates Management Consulting
Qumulo Internet & Software
Rockerbox Advertising, PR & Marketing
Roman Health Ventures (Ro) Healthcare
SambaNova Systems Electronic & Computer Hardware
Schlumberger Oil & Gas
ServiceNow Internet & Software
SiLC Technologies Inc. Electronic & Computer Hardware
Singular Genomics Biotech & Life Sciences
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Research
Solugen, Inc. Biotech & Life Sciences
Southern California Gas Company Oil & Gas
STR Defense
Street Simplified LLC Internet & Software
Teledyne Technologies Scientific and Technical Consulting
Terray Therapeutics Biotech & Life Sciences
The City of Los Angeles - Bureau of Engineering Government - Local, State & Federal
Thumbtack, Inc. Internet & Software
TOYOTA Automotive
Tradeweb Internet & Software
TrellisWare Technologies Telecommunications
University of Southern California - Viterbi School of Engineering Higher Education
US Department of Agriculture Agriculture
US Navy Government - Local, State & Federal
Varda Space Industries Aerospace
Vectra Internet & Software
Virtu Financial, LLC Financial Services
Virtualitics Inc Internet & Software
Xenon Health Healthcare
Xwing Internet & Software

For reference, here are the organizations that attended the Software Engingeering/Data Science/Finance Career Fair on September 9, 2021

Employer Employer Industry Website
Akuna Capital Investment / Portfolio Management
Amazon Internet & Software
Arena Investors, LP Investment / Portfolio Management
Areté Defense
Benchling Internet & Software
Beyond Limits Internet & Software
Cadence Design Systems Electronic & Computer Hardware
Casaplaya Software LLC Internet & Software
CrowdStrike, Inc. Internet & Software
DeciBio Consulting LLC Biotech & Life Sciences
Esri Internet & Software
Everlaw Internet & Software
ExtraHop Networks Computer Networking
Facebook Internet & Software
Flock Freight Transportation & Logistics
Flow Traders Investment / Portfolio Management
Goldman Sachs Investment Banking
Gordian Software Internet & Software
Green Hills Software Computer Networking
GTS Investment / Portfolio Management
Headlands Technologies, LLC Investment / Portfolio Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Electronic & Computer Hardware
Homebase Real Estate
Hudson River Trading Scientific and Technical Consulting
Institute for Defense Analyses Defense
IXL Learning Internet & Software
Jane Street Investment / Portfolio Management
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Investment Banking
Juniper Networks Computer Networking
Katalyst Space Technologies Aerospace
Keck Graduate Institute Higher Education
KLA Corporation Manufacturing
Laserfiche Internet & Software
Liferay, Inc. Internet & Software
LoanSnap Holding, Inc Other Industries
MemVerge, Inc Internet & Software
Miso Robotics Internet & Software
MIT Lincoln Laboratory Research
Molecular Instruments, Inc. Biotech & Life Sciences
Nordstrom Retail Stores
One Capital Management, LLC Investment / Portfolio Management
Project N Internet & Software
Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Roman Health Ventures (Ro) Healthcare
Runx Internet & Software
Schlumberger Oil & Gas
Schmidt Academy for Software Engineering at Caltech Research
SEO Career-Diversity Internship Program Non-Profit - Other
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Research
Street Simplified LLC Internet & Software
Stripe, Inc. Internet & Software
Striveworks Government - Local, State & Federal
Supplyframe Internet & Software
Terray Therapeutics Biotech & Life Sciences
TrellisWare Technologies Telecommunications
Virtualitics Inc Internet & Software
Xwing Internet & Software

Participant Guide for our upcoming Career Fairs on Brazen


Take some time before the event to get familiar with the Brazen platform. Here are some text/video tutorials that can help:

Research the companies that will be attending the fair. You can do that through your Handshake account. Here's a quick video tutorial that will show you how to access the list:

  1. Complete the registration as required. You must register with your Caltech email address! (non-CIT registrations will be deleted.)  Please do not sign up via Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn unless those accounts are connected to your Caltech email address.
  2. Update your resume and upload it to your Brazen registration account at least two days before the live event.
  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and accurately describes your skills and experience. Add your LinkedIn profile to your Brazen account so recruiters can pull that up when they are chatting with you.
  4. Prepare a short introduction (an "elevator pitch") targeted at each company that you can use when you first connect to a representative
  5. Prepare 2-3 questions to ask each interviewer
  6. Check your social media accounts and make sure your online presence is up-to-date and professional
  7. Prepare a folder of information (paper or electronic) that you can refer to during the interviews; include your resume, answers to interview questions, questions you want to ask, and company research
  8. Find a quiet space where you can focus on the interviews
  9. Make sure your background and attire are appropriate for the event
  10. Make sure your computer, microphone (if needed) and other equipment are working

"Elevator Pitch" (includes examples) -

10 Tips for Attending a Virtual Career Fair -

How to Prepare Questions for Recruiters -

You can also refer to our recorded workshops that cover topics like resumes, preparing for the virtual career fair, and preparing for virtual interviews! Links to these are found on our Virtual Office page! - /virtual-office



For technical support: Contact Brazen support at


Enter the Caltech/Harvey Mudd Career Services Booth to chat with an advisor


Step 1: Click to enter the event

Once you completed the Event Registration form, go to the event landing page, click the "Enter Event" icon located at the center of the page. You will then be taken to the event.

Step 2: Log in to your account & enter the live event

You will see a welcome window where you can click through some slides of how online events are run, and at the end you'll see a button labeled "Enter Event." This will bring you to the Event Lobby.


Step 1: Review the Event Lobby for booths you want to chat in

In the Event Lobby you will see the booths labeled with the company/organization name. Scan through them and decide which booths you want to visit (hopefully you have done this in advance and have your list ready.) Look for the estimated wait time and how many reps are available to chat to plan your interactions.

Step 2: Join booth queues

You may queue to chat in multiple booths at the same time (simply repeat steps 3-4 below for each booth you are interested in.) We suggest selecting 4-5 companies to wait for. This will allow you to take breaks in between chatting. You can select another group of companies once you've completed those chats.

Step 3: Manage your chats

When you enter the event, your chat availability is automatically set to "Available" when the event begins. However, in order to accept chats, you must still join the queue for a specific booth. You may toggle your status to "Away" at any time during the event to stop receiving chats from booths you are waiting for.

There are two ways to get in the queue to chat in a booth:

  1. Manage your chats icon
  2. Enter individual booths and click the green chat button

Important: If you are waiting for chats and you set your status to "Away," your place in the queue will be held for you. If you select "Cancel Chat" within a Booth, you will be removed from the queue for that Booth. You can select "Chat" again to be added to the end of the queue.

Step 4: Enter a booth

Click the "Enter" button of the booth you are interested in - you will be taken to that booth's screen.

Step 5: Click to chat

Click the green "Chat" button at the upper right to join the queue to chat with a representative staffing that booth. You will see that the button in the upper right-hand corner is now red and says "Cancel." You can always click that red "Cancel" button if you wish to give up your place in the queue for that booth.

Note: Some booths will use a feature called SmartQueue which requires you to specify an opportunity of interest and answer questions before being placed in the queue.

When you complete the questions, you will be taken back to the booth and placed in the queue to chat.

Step 6: Start chatting

You will hear an audible "ping" notification when it is your turn to chat with a representative and will be automatically taken to the chat screen. You will chat directly with a representative while on this page.

Note: Please make sure to respond to the chat invitation promptly, as the chat will time out if the invitation is not accepted in a timely manner.

The career fair is configured to limit individual chats to 10 minutes, but the representative can extend their chat by at least 1 minute. The goal of the time limit is to allocate the time efficiently and accommodate meaningful connections between participants and recruiters.

All chats will begin as text chats. Only representative can initiate audio/video chat, but you can always ask them after a brief introduction. Please keep in mind that some representatives may decide to only engage in text chats.

Note: It is important to keep an eye on your chat connectivity and the time left in your conversation. Bad connectivity can affect your ability to chat. If you are having trouble with your video connection, you may ask the representative to continue the conversation through text chat.

Step 7: Rate and take notes

At the end of your chat, you will be taken to a conclusion page. This page will allow you to leave a message for the representative ("Final Thoughts"), rate your chat, and take notes about the representative or anything that was discussed. When you are done, click the "Continue with Event" button to return to the Event Lobby and wait to be connected with another booth representative.

Note: You do not have to enter the booths you have already queued in to be connected to a representative. You will automatically be connected if you are next in the queue for a booth, and you are not currently engaged in another chat. You will not lose your place in a queue if you are busy with another chat when your turn comes up in a different booth. You will be connected once you are available.

Step 8: "Leave a Note"

If you can't spend too much time at the event, or can't attend at all, you are still encouraged to register for the career fair. You can use the "Leave a Note" feature for booths that have enabled this. Look for the hyperlinked phrase "Leave a Note" above the list of representatives. Click on it and type your message for that employer/organization. The employer will receive your message along with your profile and a copy of your resume. This is a great way to connect with employers that you won't have a chance to speak with.

Note: The "Leave a Note" option is available before and during the live career fair event, but not after the event.


You can access your chat history for at least 6 months by clicking "History" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen from the lobby. To access the lobby after the event, enter the event just as you would if it were live.

Note: It's important to add notes and rate your chat, especially if you participate in more than one conversation.


  1. Do your research! – Check Handshake for list of participating employers and pay attention to their hiring preferences: majors, class years, internships, full time employment, and CPT/OPT and other criteria. Here is quick video tutorial that will show you how to access that information from Handshake:
  2. Prepare for the fair – Ensure that your most recent resume is uploaded to your profile, consider uploading a picture and include your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Prepare your "scripts", responses to common interview questions, in advance and save them in a Word document that will be easy to cut and paste into your chat (questions such as: "tell me about yourself?" or "why are you interested in working for our company?")
  4. Maximize your time – Conversations are limited to 10-minute intervals! Spend time in advance researching the companies and preparing so you can best allocate your time with each company, prioritizing the questions that you have for each.

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Career Fair

Career fairs provide a great opportunity to network with employers and learn about potential jobs and internships. The Caltech Career Development Center holds career fairs on campus every fall and winter. You should also be on the lookout for other industry specific fairs in the Los Angeles or other metro areas that you want to relocate to. Industry blogs are one source of these events.

  • Research! Find out which employers will be attending, who is hiring and what they are hiring for.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume (applies to in-person career fairs.)
  • Create your elevator pitch.

  • Navigate strategically. Determine which employers you most want to speak with and go there first.
  • Meet employers with a smile, and make eye contact. Ask for their contact information at the end of your conversation, and take notes about anything you have learned.

  • Send thank-you notes to the recruiters of the companies you were most interested in within a few days.
  • Continue informational interviewing, while also checking job and internship listings.
  • Visit the Career Development Center with any questions.

Graduate Students

If you are interested in careers outside of academia, the Career Fair is a great way to learn more about your options (at any point in your graduate training.)

It is never too early to start networking with employers. Even if you are not looking for employment at this time, you can still ask recruiters questions about the company, learn tips about their hiring process, find out about their employment opportunities and benefits, and get a sense if such positions are appealing to you. You have spent many years on your graduate education and the more exploring you do, the easier it will be to find something that suits your skills and interests.

You can also use this opportunity to ask about internships. Please confer with your option/division/research advisor to determine if it is possible to take time off (in the summer or academic year) during your graduate work in order to accept an internship.

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