Thank you for participating in our upcoming Caltech/Harvey Mudd career fair(s). We want to ensure that your connections with our students are successful, so we put together some tips to assist you.

We will also have a Zoom room available the day of the event (from 10:30am to 3pm) so you can reach us in case you have trouble logging in or need assistance during the fair. The link will be sent to you prior to the fair. You can also contact Brazen for support via email:

  • On the day of the event, please log in and enter your booth when you're ready to chat with students. When the event is live, you will see a green button labeled "Chat." Click the button to begin engaging in 1-on-1 chats with participants in your booth's queue.
  • You will be automatically connected to students waiting in the booth to chat. If nothing happens after you click the green chat button and your status is "waiting to chat", that just means there are no participants waiting, or they might be chatting in other booths.
  • All chats begin as a text chat. Only representatives can initiate a video chat. We encourage you to select video chats for all your interactions so you can minimize typing delays and get the most out of the brief time you have with attendees. You can start a video chat by clicking the video icon in the box near the top right of the screen. - Online Chatting 101
  • Since all connections begin as text chats, it would be a good idea to have some introductions or questions ready to copy and paste.
  • If your internet, or the participant's internet connection is having a hard time supporting the video chat, you can easily continue the conversation using text chat.
  • Chats have a set limit of 10 minutes. You can extend the chat or end it before the time limit expires. If you would like to extend the chat, please look for specific minute extension options to pop up on the screen (orange buttons near the bottom of the text chat box.) To end the chat early, click the red "End This Chat" button.
  • Rep Handoff allows representatives to pass an attendee to another representative within their your booth. This is great to use for exceptional attendees that will benefit from speaking with multiple people at your organization. Learn how to use Rep Handoff here.
  • Once the chat has ended, you will be able to select a "Next Step" and record some notes about your interaction before you continue to the next chat.
  • If you need to step away from your computer during the event, please deactivate your "chat session" by toggling off the switch under "Manage Your Chats" (located in the left-hand panel). The best time to do this is while you're completing the "Next Step" form at the end of your last chat. Toggle off your availability so you are not automatically connected to the next person once you click "Finished" on the "Next Step" form. Don't forget to switch it back on when you're ready to resume chatting with participants.
  • Admins will be monitoring booth queues during the event, but new improvements to Brazen now allow booth representatives to see the queue. More info about that can be found here. If you notice a long queue, please wrap up your chats a bit quicker if possible.
  • The event will end promptly at 3pm PT. Admins will send out broadcast messages to alert all as the event gets near the end.
  • View your chat history: After the event is over, you can access information regarding your chats by logging into your account and clicking "View History" from the event info (left-hand panel.)
  • When downloading resumes, it is best to save them to your computer first, then open that copy. In some cases, downloads opened in a browser directly from Brazen are not formatted properly.
  • Here is a link to tutorials created by Brazen for representatives. This should help you with the registration process and give you an overview of how to connect with students during the event.