Make sure your booth content is updated!

Students can see the booths before the event, so the sooner the content is there, the more time they have to review it. You can customize the Preview Content (view from the lobby) and up to three internal tabs – Home, Opportunities, and a Custom Tab (commonly labeled "About Us", but it can be labeled anything that suits your organization.)

How to brand a booth

Here's a tutorial from Brazen to show you how to brand a booth.

Add an email address to the "Drop-Off Notes" field

This is located at the bottom of the "Settings" tab of your booth. This will allow students that don't get a chance to speak with you to leave you a note (sent to that email address.) The email note will include the student's message, their profile, and resume.

Add Representatives

Here is a tutorial on how to add representatives (staff members responsible for chatting with students during the career fair.) Please make sure you limit the number of representatives to what was indicated on your registration level (feel free to contact us if you need assistance determining your organization's rep limit.)

If you (the booth owner) plan to participate in chats with students during the career fair, please add yourself as a representative. This will count toward the number of reps allotted to your organization.

Admins will be monitoring booth queues during the event, but new improvements to Brazen now allow booth representatives to see their queue and adjust the length of their chats accordingly. More info about that can be found here.


Our career fair is open to ALL students regardless of year level, however, we understand that some employers may only have opportunities for certain groups of students, such as upcoming graduates. To help you connect with the most appropriate candidates first, we encourage you to use Brazen's SmartQueue feature. This feature is activated through job opportunities. You can add up to 7 opportunities in your booth. The opportunities will be displayed on the booth's Opportunities tab. When an attendee clicks to chat in your booth, they will be prompted to select the opportunity that captured their interest. SmartQueue will allow you to manage the line by specifying up to 5 questions for each opportunity. The attendee will be prompted to answer these questions and SmartQueue will use this input to place representatives into chats with the most appropriate available attendees first. Learn more about SmartQueue here.

Booth Owner Training

BrazenU (must be logged into Brazen first, then click the BrazenU link to access the content) - Get a complete overview of building and managing booths for Brazen events.