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Career Fair Information for Employers

Virtual Career Fairs

Thursday, April 22, 2021 – 10am to 3pm PDT

The Career Development Center is happy to announce that the next virtual career fair will be held on April 22, 2021.

We are continuing our successful partnership with Harvey Mudd College for our next two Virtual Career Fairs.  You will be able to recruit STEM students, postdocs, and alumni from Caltech, and Harvey Mudd College.

Registration information is now available below!

Date and Time: TBD

Location: TBD

StemAhead Career Fair

Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 10:00am to 3:00pm PST

Register on Handshake Here

If you don't have a Handshake account, you can create one by following the employer link from this page. Please be sure you are connected to both Caltech (California Institute of Technology) and Harvey Mudd College on Handshake.

The fair will also be hosted on Handshake, which can easily accommodate video chats.  Attendees will be able to reserve 1-on-1 appointments with company representatives!

We look forward to hosting you at our virtual career fair.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers

Handshake has built an innovative solution to help employers engage with students in a virtual fair environment.

Within this tool, Handshake supports 1:1 video chats and large-group video events. With campuses closed indefinitely, employers have new ways to connect with students:

  • Participate in university-sponsored virtual career fair on via Handshake
    • Registration options will vary per school, just like an in-person fair.
  • Conduct 1:1 meetings or small-group info sessions

To see a video demo of these sessions, check out Video: Virtual Fairs Demo for Employers!

Topic Checklist: 

Register for virtual fairs

You'll need an approved registration for a fair in order to engage with students. See Identifying and Registering for Virtual Fairs for details on filtering and registering. 

Check our our video walkthrough for locating and registering for virtual fairs here!

  • Tip: Make sure to link active job postings to your registration - this highlights opportunities for students participating in the fair!

Set your Schedule

Once the school approves your fair registration, you'll need to create the initial schedule for your company profile in Handshake. The schedule may be composed of only group sessions, only 1:1 schedules or both –– whatever works best for your company's goals in connecting with students.  Each employer registration allows for 100 teammates maximum to be delegated to Group and/or 1:1 Sessions.

For a walkthrough of this process, refer to Creating a Schedule for Virtual Fairs or check out our video on how to set your schedule!

Add Group Sessions

Add 1:1 sessions and set preferences

Pay any registration fees from the school

Make sure to pay for your registration as appropriate per school. See How to Pay for a Career Fair Registration for helpful tips. 

Teammates claim their schedules

Once the schedule has been created, your teammates will be able to claim their schedules by clicking the link in the email sent, or they can login to Handshake, navigate to the fair, then click on the Schedules tab to claim their schedule.

Refer to Claiming & Participating in a Schedule for a breakdown of the full process or check out our video walkthrough of claiming a schedule here!

Manage schedule changes

Managing Schedules for Virtual Fairs contains all instructions on editing existing schedules, broken down by workflow (cancelling a session, transferring or removing a schedule to a teammate, etc.). 

Check out our video walkthrough of managing schedule changes here!

Preparing for the Day-of a Virtual Fair

There are several steps you can take well before the fair to ensure that the fair goes as smoothly as possible. Check out this collection of best practices based on experiences so far this season: Preparing for the Day-of a Virtual Fair.

Encourage session signups*

Employers will not be able to invite students directly to their schedules –– students will be responsible for signing up for all sessions. The sooner your teammates can claim their schedules, the better, as this enables students to see more options for signup. 

You can view empty and taken schedules within the Schedule tab. 

*Premium employers can utilize Campaigns to promote their fair attendance and encourage students to sign up for sessions!

Host sessions day-of the fair

Review Hosting Virtual Fair Sessions for a full walk-through of the fair experience and check out our video walkthrough of hosting sessions here!

Follow up with students after the fair

After your sessions are over, followup with participants! You can send messages in Handshake, download resumes, and Host Virtual Interviews!

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations must be made in writing to no later than the date listed in your confirmation email.

No-Show policy: Career Fair "no-shows" are not entitled to transfers or refunds at any time. No-shows forfeit their entire registration fee and materials, and are not eligible to roll the registration package over to another event. To avoid being considered a no-show, please email and cancel no later than the date specified in your confirmation email.

If you have any questions about this information, feel free to contact us at

The Career Development Center reserves the right to change career fair policies, procedures, and rates as needed.