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Job or Internship Offer Decision Timeline

National Association of Clleges and Employers (NACE) Advisory Guidelines on Job Offer Issues:

As the job market for college graduates becomes more intense, employers and career centers alike ask questions about deadlines for job offer acceptance—particularly when deadlines come very early in the recruiting season. The timing of these offers and acceptances is a market-driven issue, with different industries experiencing varying degrees of urgency to fill positions. The role of NACE is not to enforce a specific time frame, but rather to encourage practices that are reasonable and appropriate for both employers and students, recognizing that, ultimately, the employment decisions are between the student and employer. Communication is key to these decisions, with regular contact between the employer and student vital from the point of offer to the start date. More advisory information is available at

Students should  ask about such timelines to get as much information as possible prior to accepting a full-time post degree position, an initial summer internship, or second summer internship with the same company or organization.  In general, the minimum acceptable timeline for an offer to be open is two weeks and the CDC encourages firms to provide more time for applicants to consider offers when possible.  Students make better decisions when given sufficient time to consider an offer.  Students should not expect firms to provide months of extension to consider an offer if that is not their policy to do so. 

However, allowing students adequate time to make an informed decision whether to accept or decline an offer is in the best interest of both students and employers. Students feel more secure in their choices after they have analyzed all the information available to them, and employers can feel more confident that students have accepted their offer with every intention of honoring their commitment.

For more information on the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) policies and guidelines, click here. 

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Please note, while online third party job recruiting sites can be very helpful, students, postdocs and alumni should use these resources with care. Do not utilize sites that do not protect your privacy or that circulate information without user permission.