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Writing an Internship Position Description

Writing a strong position description for your internship opportunity helps you attract the right candidates for the position and helps promote the name and reputation of your organization. 

A strong internship position description significantly helps students. Students need to know that the opportunity is appropriate for background and interests. It also helps student with resume development, cover letter writing, and interview preparation. 

A strong internship position description also helps the CDC promote your opportunity. A position description is required for posting the opportunity on Handshake. In addition, a strong description assists in marketing information about the opportunity to appropriate student populations. 

Elements to include in an internship position description:

  • Position title (be descriptive, don't just use "intern")
  • Name of the organization/company
  • Company and/or department information (function, mission, etc)
  • Location (city, state)
  • Work responsibilities and activities 
  • Qualifications/requirements (required skills, knowledge areas, class level, coursework, etc)
  • Approximate duration (number of weeks, expected start/end dates)
  • Compensation (note: Caltech does not offer academic credit; All internships must be paid positions to be submitted on Handshake)
  • Application deadline or indication that position is open until filled
  • Contact person